Here at The Fitness Store we just love sharing tips and advice on how to get started and stay motivated with a healthy and effective fitness regime. People of all abilities and interests need to start somewhere, and even those with rigorous exercise habits can experience a dip in motivation from time to time – so we’ve put together a few great tips to help you keep going!

1. Intensity – Many personal trainers and fitness experts champion bursts of high intensity interval training (HIIT) as a great solution to beating low motivation or making the most when you are short on time. Whether your machine of choice is the treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine – or if you are an outdoor runner or even a swimmer – HIIT can give you all the benefits of long periods of exercise.

2. Chill Out – A while ago we posted an article about the benefits of cold weather training on our Twitter account, and it’s true! Getting out there in the winter can be great for your body and mind – beating the winter blues and burning fat faster than warm weather training. The cold is great for motivation too – how else are you going to get warm besides getting yourself moving?!

3. Walk – If you’re lacking the motivation to go out for a run or even go to the gym for an hour, go for a walk instead. Something as easy as a thirty minute walk during your lunch hour can keep your fitness going, boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain and get your motivation back on track. It can really be as easy as putting one foot in front of the other!

4. Listen Up – Many fitness fanatics like to listen to music while they workout, and it has been proven that listening to your favourite tunes facilitates a more effective fitness session. Research published by Brunel University has concluded that the right music can reduce perceived effort by as much as 10% - helping you keep going for longer. If you prefer something a little different than music, there are other options available. Mobile apps are now available which read you a story as you run. This might sound a bit weird but the distance you cover affects the story and lets you earn points – how does running in your own zombie apocalypse story sound? We say geeky but fun!

These are all great tips for getting yourself going with your fitness regime, but many people find investing in a new piece of fitness equipment another great incentive. Our new favourite gadget for the home is the BH Fitness Carbon Bike Dual – a highly versatile piece of equipment that has 12 settings and 24 intensity levels, this really is an effective piece of kit to allow you to get going from the comfort of your own home!