One of the UK's largest suppliers of strength training equipment, Body Solid is a brand that takes pride of place in any commercial gym or home workout area. Producing products that can withstand the the toughest of training regimes, the range of equipment includes benches, weights and multi-gyms that help to sculpt the body. Helping you target those trouble areas that aren't typically accessible with general training, Body Solid is the perfect way to get to the level of fitness and achieve the look you want.


We stock a range of different equipment from Body Solid that aim to help you get the most out of your workout. Here are a few of our top selling products from the Body Solid range.

Ab Crunch Bench – GAB100

ab crunch machine

Specially designed to help you gain the correct posture and resistance for crunches that really form your core. Perfect for resistance training, the Ab Crunch Bench allows you to increase your endurance gradually, for perfectly formed abs.

Dipping Station – GDIP59

dipping station

The perfect way to engage and strengthen your triceps, the dipping machine is easy to assemble and makes the perfect addition to any workout routine. With a wide base to discourage any rocking, the Dipping Station helps you to gain lean muscle safely.

FID225 Folding Dumbbell Weight Bench

image (4)

Perfect for the home gym, this folding weight bench is multifunctional meaning that it is ideal for all type of weight training. Use with a variety of different dumbbells and techniques for formed arms.

Commercial Preacher Curl Bench

image (5)

Helping to isolate the biceps the Curl Bench is designed to enhance muscular development. Only focusing on the upper arm, the user can hope to achieve the ultimate in strength.

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