This week we’re kicking off our new blog with a product spotlight post all about one of the superb weight machines we have to offer in our extensive online fitness store, the G3s Multigym from Body-Solid.

Body-Solid have been manufacturing high quality fitness equipment for more than twenty-five years, and have ensured that their products have remained up to date with the changing fitness requirements of the consumer. Renowned for their strength and weight training products, Body-Solid are dedicated to making their customers fitter and healthier, and they have become the UK’s largest supplier of home gym equipment.

For those who are serious about their weight training, a weight machine for the home is a terrific piece of equipment to supplement a well-rounded fitness regime. They can provide the range of movement and efficient weight resistance found in commercial gym equipment in the comfort and privacy of the home, with no costly gym membership fees of course! The G3s Multigym is one such weight machine, and it benefits from a number of superb features for a range of upper and lower body workouts all in one heavy duty steel frame piece of equipment.

Fully adjustable for any size user, the G3s is an example of the exceptional engineering that goes into Body-Solid’s products and produces a terrific range of motion. For the upper body a multi-grip press arm system and low and high pulley systems work the chest, shoulders and mid and lower back with no need to sit on the floor. The ergonomically designed seat and foam rollers are all designed to minimise the stress placed on the back to safely and effectively build strength.

For the lower body a leg extension/leg curl station extends the workout further, applying up to 420lbs. of resistance to the legs to help you build muscle tone and strength at your own pace. This total weight machine is a reliable and high performance piece of fitness equipment for the home. It packs all of the muscle building range of movement into a compact and highly heavy duty welded construction frame, and really is a complete solution for the keen fitness enthusiast.

For more information on the G3s Multigym from Body-Solid please visit our online fitness shop, where you will also find out more about the extensive range of exercise equipment we stock for all domestic and commercial fitness requirements.