In recent years Powerbags have become extremely popular pieces of exercise equipment, with many people using them at home and in the gym. Simple but effective, they can be used as simple weights or you can perform different exercises with them to work different areas of the body.

Here’s our guide to some of the best Powerbag exercises out there:

Jump Training (aka Plyometrics)

This kind of exercise exerts a lot of pressure and power in short, sharp bursts. Simply holding the Powerbag while doing these movements will increase the workout your muscles get. Straight jumps, squats or lateral movements over an obstacle are the best.

Press Ups

If you feel like press ups just aren’t doing it for you any more, add a Powerbag to your repetitions. You can use it as a rest for normal push up, place it parallel to your body and balance while doing a push up or place one hand on the bag and one on the floor for a more intense experience.


Squats are a great exercise to perform whether you have Powerbags to hand or not. However, having that extra weight to move increases the workout. Holding it in front of your body will work the legs and other muscles, while you can also put one on your shoulders or even have one under each arm.


Lunges are another exercise that are perfectly suited to the addition of Powerbags. Just like squats, you can put it in front of you, on your shoulders or under your arm to work different muscle areas.


Whether it’s thrown over your head or from the side, Powerbags are great for throwing exercises. They are great for working the arms – just make sure you have a clear path!

What makes this piece of equipment great for all levels of fitness is that they come in a huge range of sizes, from 3kg right up to 50kg. So no matter what one’s exercise regime is, how strong they are or what exercises they are doing, there is a Powerbag exercise which will suit their needs.