If you’re a determined gym goer, part of your motivation will be attending with a plan in your mind of what you want to achieve. Rather than dithering over what piece of equipment to use and when, a gym workout plan will help you to gain the most out of your fitness session so you know your exercise is worthwhile every time. So to keep your mind and your body active for your next visit, keep things simple with our easy gym workouts for everyone!


Cardiovascular fitness is a popular exercise in the gym because of its ability to give you a whole body workout. Others find it is one of the best forms of exercise for weight loss and is the best way to maintain a healthy heart. If you’re planning on doing a cardio workout, we recommend using machines such as a treadmill, rowing machine, spinning bike and cross trainer. You should also have rest days in the week after each day of a full cardio workout.

Weight & Strength Training
This is a popular form of workout particularly for males who want to build their strength and physique. The best way to keep this an easy gym workout is to not spend too long just lifting weights, but rather incorporate it as part of your overall gym session. Muscular strength and cardio fitness should go hand in hand to give you a healthy physique. To fill your workout, you can use weight machines such as a leg press, bicep extension, medicine balls and other strength equipment.

Not everyone goes to the gym just to lift weights or run on a treadmill. Flexibility can also be an important part of fitness so if you’re looking for an alternative and easy gym workout, this is a great exercise for your body. Once you have warmed up, you can practice different stretches, use resistance bands and a yoga mat for different movements.

Keeping your arms and legs toned are essential to maintaining good posture and should come naturally if you’re doing the right workouts. Strength training is an obvious way to tone your muscles but you should also consider doing other physical exercises such as the plank and holding your own body weight.

The abdominals are often a key area of focus, particularly for the summer season! There are many exercises which you can include as part of your gym workout to strengthen the abdominals and you will probably notice them when you’re working out too. Other effective ways to work on the abs are with exercises such as sit-ups, the plank or a bench press.

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