Now that the weather has become more unappealing than ever, finding the motivation to step outside and exercise is difficult. After coming home from a day at work, the last thing you will feel like doing is going outside again and facing the difficult weather conditions to get your heart going. Additionally, if you’re not one for joining the gym, there’s no better place to get your daily exercise than in the comfort of your own home! So to ensure you don’t miss out on your workouts this season, here’s our ideas for a home workout.personally-728230_960_720


Star Jumps
Star jumps are a great way of getting your heart pumping as part of a home workout, without having to move from the same spot. Simply stand tall, then reach out your arms and your legs into a star shape in the air. Perform these jumps continuously by keeping your abs tight and your back straight.

Ensure you’ve got enough space in your home to start jumping and landing on the ground. This movement works the whole body and involves dropping into a squat position, extending into a press-up position and then back again into a jump. You can decrease the difficulty of this home workout by not extending into a press-up position.

Sit Ups
Always a classic for indoor workouts, sit ups are perfect for working your abs and don’t require much space. It is important you perform them correctly however, as many people make the mistake of having your knees in the wrong place!

There are a number of ways you can achieve a successful lunge, whether that’s stationery or with a jump. You can also hold dumbbells in your arms to perform more of a strength exercise for your home workout.

Front Plank
If you’re looking to really work your abdominal muscles, the front plank is a great way of doing this. It involves holding your body out on your elbows on the ground and strengthening your core muscles for as long as possible.

Jumping Over A Rope
A simple yet rewarding home workout, all you need is a piece of rope or a hoop to step over. The idea is to step quickly forward and backward, or hop sideways continuously for a set amount of time.

Don’t let the poor weather stop you from exercising this season with these top home workouts! Browse our full range of home fitness here.