There’s no better call for exercise than summer weather. Even if you’ve got no holiday planned, the ‘beach body’ workout regime is a great way to slim down and revitalise yourself when the heat arrives. There’s so many different plans and programs to choose from however, that it can be hard to find one that suits your schedule and fitness level specifically. Thus, we’ve chosen these ideal 6 beach body workouts that should benefit your bod regardless of where you plan to bring it this summer!


#1 The Insanity Workout

This exercise regime has grown ‘insanely’ popular over the last few years, and anyone who’s tried it tends to describe the workout like they survived a horror movie. It’s big appeal is the lack of gym equipment (having Shawn T as your spokesman helps too), alogn with the the way it redefined the term “no pain, no gain”. Through a series of 30-minute bouts, this 60-day program promises to completely transform your body fat and muscle definition, and given that we’re already entering into summer, it may already be the prime time to start.

#2 Piyo

Pilates and yoga have both proved consistently popular forms of exercise. It makes sense then that one beach body workout would combine the two to deliver the ideal level of muscle sculpting potential and flexibility improvement. With tiny elements of strength building and cardio, Piyo requires just a mat and fifteen minutes of your time, yet convincingly promises not only to help you reach that beach body, but to become more flexible overall as well.

#3 21-Day Fix

Another beach body workout that understands time is of the essence, 21-Day Fix emcompasses not just workouts, but diet and nutrition too. The container system makes managing your food portions a lot easier, and in terms of exercise plans the set of easy-to-follow 30 minute workouts should allow you to strive for a sand & sun worthy body regardless of how busy your schedule is.

#4 Hip Hop Abs

Our last beach body workout is a bit of an old school regime, but one whose title is irresistibly cheesy. The Hip Hop Abs program is once again presented by Shawn T, but with its 24-25 minute dance-based exercises it can be a lot more engaging than some of the more repetitive workout options out there. Unlike Zumba and similar half-intense activities, Hip Hop Abs targets your core, and allows you to concentrate on your abs whilst in the midst of a cardio session.

If you have any tried-and-tested beach body workouts you’d recommend to others, let us know via the Fitness Store Facebook page, or mention it to us at @fitnessstoreuk.