Now we’ve reached the end of January, many of those New Year’s resolutions we were certain we would keep this year are now all-but forgotten. However don’t let this thought drag you down – it’s way too close to February to let the January blues set in again. Instead get yourself re-motivated for the new month with one of these great motivation tips!

Pre-pack your gym bag. If time is your excuse for not going to the gym once in the last three weeks, eliminate it by pre-packing your bag. Get everything you need together the night before so it’s ready to just pick up and go. In fact, do everything to eliminate those excuses you give yourself, being organised will get you to the gym and leave you with more time to work out.

Make yourself a motivational playlist. Music can be a great motivator, so get some of your favourite tunes together and they’ll carry you through that workout. Many treadmills, bikes and other pieces of fitness equipment have MP3 player integration with speakers, perfect for getting those tunes playing nice and loud especially for those who don’t get on with headphones.

Just start. If you keep talking yourself out of exercising, just starting with a brisk walk, light jog or an easy session on a spinning bike can be just the thing to get you started. Many people find that once they start a workout routine they will finish it, so stop thinking about it and get out there!

Sign up for something. Does your city have a marathon or a half marathon this summer? Sign up to it! Even better, sign up with a friend – the cost of signing up and the deadline of the event along with having someone else wanting to get you up and running is a sure way to get your training back on track. This might sound tough, but think how good it will feel crossing that finishing line!

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